Note: This game is a local multiplayer game and will require 2 people sharing a keyboard.

Theodoros' Badminton

This Game lets you play as the world's greatest badminton player Theodoros Velkos! Serve, shoot or smash the shuttlecock into your opponents (also Theodoros) half of the field to get points and become world champion.

During the game several Greek Gods will try to make the game harder for you and your opponent. Avoid lightnings, storms or water and use them to your advantage. Only the best badminton player wins.

We made this game during a 3 day GameJam and it's our first project made with Unity. 


Left PlayerRight Player
ShootLeft ShiftRight Shift


You can shoot if the shuttlecock is within the half-circle around your player. The closer it is, the weaker the shot. The direction you will shoot is the angle from the middle of the player to the shuttlecock.


  • Zeus
    • He will throw lightnings at you from time to time. Be careful not to get hit! They will paralyze you, making you unable to move or shoot for 2 seconds.
  • Aeolus
    • Aeolus will create storms blowing you and the shuttlecock possibly off the playing field.
  • Hermes
    • Hermes will grant you the power of his infamous sandals speeding you up for several seconds.
  • Poseidon
    • Making it rain, the playing field will get all wet and it will be hard to stop moving.

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