Note: This game can only be played with 2 players locally and requires at least one controller

Gods' Games

Gods’ Games is a coop boss battle game in which you and one friend are fighting for your lives and the freedom of your species. Alone you are lost, but together you can fight and end the reign of the gods!


Ancient Greek Gods are hosting arena battles for their entertainment and chose you as a fighter. Your task is to survive the strongest and scariest mythologic creatures and put an end to this barbaric tradition.


The gameplay focuses on strategy as you cooperate to defeat the monsters of each level and dodge their attacks. In a bossfight you will have to think how you can use the environment to damage the boss as attacking directly will often be impossible especially without a weapon.


The standard controls are:

MoveRight Joystick
LookLeft Joystick
Use Item

This configuration can be changed however

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